1. The name of the proposed Neighbourhood Forum is Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum.

2. The Neighbourhood Area covers much of the existing council ward of Ham, Petersham and Richmond Riverside and is shown on the attached plan (Annex A). It does not however include the area of the ward within Richmond Park to the east. Petersham Meadows and Petersham Common up as far as and including Star and Garter Home/ Wick House are included (based on the old pre 1963 Parish boundary) but the residential roads north of this (Richmond Hill etc.) are excluded as this part of the ward is physically distinct and does not form part of Ham and Petersham. The area is clearly defined by the River Thames on the west and Richmond Park to the east and the boundary with the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames to the south. Of any neighbourhood in London, Ham and Petersham is one of the easiest to define with clear boundaries on all sides. The area is almost identical to that shown in the urban villages diagram in the LDF/ Core Strategy (p9) and more recently the area covered by the ‘All in One’ Village Plan for Ham and Petersham. During informal discussion with individuals and representatives of many local groups no one has questioned the boundaries of the proposed area.

3. Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum is the relevant body capable of being designated a Neighbourhood Forum for the purposes of section 61G of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. A copy of the Forums draft constitution (Annex B) is attached. This will be considered and voted on at the first meeting of the Forum, likely to be in May / June 2013. It is believed that the H+P NF constitution meets the conditions contained in section 61F(5) of the 1990 Act.

4. A list of 38 people have agreed to support the application and these are listed in Annex C. This includes name, street address and local interest (resident, business or councillor). They include officers or representatives of a wide range of local organisations including amenity groups (Ham and Petersham Association, Ham United Group), faith groups (St Peter’s church), sports clubs (Ham Cricket club), youth organisations (H+P Sea Scouts) and local businesses (5) and Women’s Institute. In addition the Head Teacher and chair of governors at Grey Court, chair of Ham Parade traders, property manager Ham House, Richmond Housing Partnership, H+P SOS, the police (Safer Neighbourhood team) and local councillors (3) are signatures. Taken together they are considered to be representative of the community although it intended in due course to ensure that all of the 20+ known groups or organisations within Ham and Petersham become actively involved in the Forum. A data base of these exists and will be used for publicising the Neighbourhood Forum. An article on the Neighbourhood Forum application is included in the current edition (Spring 2013) of the quarterly Ham and Petersham community Magazine that is distributed by volunteers to every household (3000) in the area. This community run publication will continue to be used for all future Neighbourhood Forum publicity.

5. Strong links already exist with most organisations and it is intended that all will send representatives to Forum meetings and in addition receive minutes of meetings. A dedicated web site for the Forum will be set up, although it is hoped that existing organisations will spread the word about the Forum and its work through their existing web sites. It will be established as a non-political body but has received support from the main political parties in the area.

6. Contact details of two members are as follows:

  • Mark Brand, Ham United Group
  • Andrew Beedham, Ham United Group