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Local people in Ham and Petersham moved a step closer to shaping their future yesterday, as Richmond Council approved the Neighbourhood Forum and Area.This exciting new initiative, introduced by government in 2011, aims to put the power of planning into the hands of local people. Over the next 16 months the community will be preparing a Neighbourhood Plan with the Referendum date targeted for the same day as the general election in May 2015. Residents and workers alike should be able to steer the direction of key issues such as development and environmental projects. Bringing local people, community groups, residents and businesses together, they will have a united voice in improving the area where they live and work.

This is the first Neighbourhood in Richmond although there are over 70 in London. Membership is open to anyone living or working in the area. Maggie Bailey, Headteacher at Grey Court School and Chair of the Forum, said “I feel passionately that this Forum will help the numerous voluntary and community organisations already active in Ham and Petersham to coordinate activities amongst themselves and link successfully with the various public sector organisations in the area. This is a great opportunity to get involved in local issues. We’re delighted the Council is forward thinking and has now approved the Forum”.There have already been three successful, well attended meetings and the next one will be on 3 April 2014 7.30 at Grey Court School.

Committee Meeting Notes 6th November

Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum Committee Meeting Notes

Wednesday 6 November 2013

7.30pm Community Room Ham Library


  • Forum Chair: Maggie Bailey (Head Teacher Grey Court School)
  • 2 Amenity Groups: Andrew Beedham (Ham United Group) Peggy Curtis (Ham Amenities Group)
  • 4 ‘area’ reps from local residents: Andy Rogers, Justine Glynn, Jude Holmes and Cornelia Costeanu (shared post) and Geoff Bond
  • 1 Sports organisations: Joe Noble (Kew & Ham Sports Association)
  • 1 Social Groups: Jean Loveland (shared post)
  • 1 Community Groups: Sam Payne (Ham & Petersham SOS)
  • 1 Housing: Ros Elliott (Richmond Housing Partnership, Area Manager)
  • Police: Sgt. Paul Dowsett & PC Clare Taylor(Safer Neighbourhood Team )
  • Business rep: Stan Shaw (Ham Parade Traders)
  • 1 Ward Councillor: Sir David Williams  


  • 1 Faith Groups: Brian Willman (St Peter’s Church) & Penny Frost (St Richard’s Church) shared post
  • 1 Education: Sam Leir (Head Teacher, Russell School)
  • 1 Health: Mitesh Patel (Pharmacare, Back Lane)
  • Business rep – Naomi Campbell (Property Manager Ham House)
  • 1 Youth: Ben Skelton (Ham Area Youth Lead)
  • 1 Social services: Helen McNally (Acting Children’s Centre Managers)
  • 1 Library: Kim Hacker (Twickenham, Ham and Whitton area Community Libraries Manager).

Meeting Notes
1.         Maggie Bailey welcomed everyone to the first Ham & Petersham Forum Committee meeting. Everyone present introduced themselves

2. Andrew Beedham gave an update on the Forum application

  • The application was considered at Richmond Council Cabinet on 17 October. The Area and Forum was ‘agreed in principle subject to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to safeguard strategic interests on both sides of the river’. After consultation with DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Government) officers, planning consultants acting for the government and other planners in Ham and Petersham the council were informed on 27 October that the Neighbourhood felt that the request for a MoU was unjustified, should be withdrawn and the application approved. No reply had been received although it had been indicated (by the Director of Environment at Richmond Council in a phone conversation) that the council would amend the boundary to exclude all of the area within the Thames Policy Area. This would leave Ham Lands, the Thames path and Ham House outside the forum area and is totally unacceptable. Legal/ planning advice (same as above) would be sought on what grounds for appeal or other action the Neighbourhood could take, in advance of a formal proposal from the council. The designation report is still in the Forward Plan for consideration at Cabinet on 21 November.
  • The committee agreed with Peggy Curtis‘s statement:-

We would like the council to keep to the original boundary as submitted because it is intrinsic to Ham and Petersham. This was seconded by Andy Rogers

3.  Committee positions/ responsibilities

Each role was explained and the following volunteered for the various posts. Each post was proposed and seconded as set out in the table below:-

Post nominated Proposed Seconded notes
Chair Maggie Bailey David Williams Andrew Beedham
Vice Chair Justine Glynn Andrew Beedham David Williams
Secretary Sam Payne Maggie Bailey Jean Loveland Support provided by Grey Court School
Treasurer Jean Loveland Maggie Bailey Ross Elliot Post taken on a temporary basis. Support provided by Grey Court School
Fundraising Brian Willman Andrew Beedham David Williams Nominated in Brian’s absence
Minutes and record keeping Peggy Curtis Jean Loveland David Williams Support provided by Grey Court School
Publicity and promotion Jude Holmes and Cornelia Costeanu Justine Glynn Peggy Curtis Jude, Cornelia and Geoff to meet and discuss publicity strategy
Community groups  liaison
IT web site and social media Geoff Bond Justine Glynn Stan Shaw Meeting arranged with Justine & Tibor (set up web site) to discuss handover.Maggie to provide social media input from Yan (?) and the school
Service providers liaison Ross Elliot Andrew Beedham Maggie Bailey
Neighbourhood Plan coordinator Andrew Beedham Justine Glynn David Williams Andy Rogers to deputise
Events coordinator Decided not to fill this post


4.  Publicity and promotion

  • The Committee discussed different ways to reach local residents that didn’t attend the Topic Workshop held on 10th September. Possibly use online surveys (Survey Monkey), social media (Twitter and Facebook) as face to face meetings are time consuming and difficult for busy people to fit in. Set up the online survey to find out what issues are important for local people.
  • Suggestion to have a banner/poster prompting the community to give their ideas/comments on what is important for Ham & Petersham. This could be put up outside Grey Court School.

5.  Finance and fundraising, bank account :

  • All agreed that a bank account should be set up ASAP. Cheques over £100 should be signed by 2 nominated committee members
  • The Forum doesn’t fund everything 100%, but is seed funding to attract money from other sources.
  • We should develop a matrix to show the benefit of funding to the number of residents.

6.  Neighbourhood Plan

  • The Neighbourhood Plan cannot be anti-development as we must comply with the council’s strategic planning documents (eg Core Strategy) the GLA(Greater London Authority) plans and the national plans. The benefit of a Neighbourhood Plan is the community can guide the right development in the right place for Ham & Petersham. If development happens in Ham & Petersham, the Neighbourhood could unlock funds for the community using Community Infrastructure Levy.
  • At the recent ‘brainstorming’ event held at Grey Court School on 10th September, there were conflicts between many of the ideas from the topic groups.

7.  Local Projects Update

  • 18 November  11 to 12.30am SOS are officially launching the ‘Monday Tea Mornings’ with homemade cakes. Yum.

8.  Format/ agenda of next Forum Meeting  -

  • The next meeting is on 10 December  at Grey Court School
  • Set up a table for the Safer Neighbourhood Team to meet the community.
  • We should only have meetings if necessary as there are other more effective ways to engage the community.
  • Agenda items:- Update on progress with the Neighbourhood Forum application, local development proposals (Strathmore etc),…

 9.  Diary dates :

 10. AOB :

11. Date of next Committee meeting

  • 2nd December at 7.30pm  Community Room Ham Library with mince pies

10 Sept Topic Group Workshop notes

Record of points raised at Neighbourhood Forum 10 September 2013 – Topic group workshops

Points raised by Facilitators in their summary back to the meeting are highlighted in bold, but they are not necessarily priorities. Where the same comment has been made more than once on post-it notes, these are indicated with x2,3,4

1. Open Space and Biodiversity

  • Concerns about loss of wildlife especially wildflowers. Need for more planting around the area and for Management plans for specific woodlands and open spaces and also protection for the open spaces.
  • Concerns about unkempt gardens. Suggest scheme whereby keen gardeners offer to help neighbours unable to care for their own gardens
  • Welcome for wildflower area on Ham Green and donation by Richmond Borough Council of bulbs and seeds. Request for more bulk seeds for major sites.
  • Suggest page on community website where residents could identify areas which need development in terms of clearing and planting
  • Welcome for news that Grey Court Allotment likely to be re-settled in/near Walnut Tree Walk Allotments
  • Concerns about destructive aspect of mowing e.g. orchids on Ham Lands and clearing of long stretches of river banks. Need for liaison with RBC or another contractor
  • Concerns about how plans for lighting may affect bats particularly in area around Ham Green and along the river
  • Concerns and questions about extent to which wildlife can be expected to adapt to consequences of change in the area – increases in building, lighting, tidying and gentrification etc.
  • Request that HUG should explore ways of obtaining discounted wild bird seed/feed which could be sold locally. Could RBC be a source?
  • How can we protect badgers in this area?
  • Foxes – to what extent are they a threat to biodiversity in this area? Need for more information/understanding about maintaining balance between human and wildlife needs
  • Concerns about loss of skylarks on Ham Lands (and more recently in Richmond Park ) – both likely to be due to increase in dog walking in these areas
  • Concerns about loss of hedgehogs in the area – need for more understanding of possible causes
  • Concerns about loss of meadowland locally. Need to extend this and also ‘green corridors’ between open areas
  • Request for more signage on Ham Lands giving information about wildlife
  • Suggest that a phone app could be developed to provide such information electronically
  • Program of guided nature walks to educate public about local biodiversity
  • Suggest biodiversity group should be formed within the Forum to address all above. At least 3 volunteers keen to participate.
  • Need for appropriate bird seed and not bread at Pond
  • A number of other suggestions/ ideas previously raised by HUG were attached but do not form part of this record 



2. Travel and Transport

Cycle issues

  • Cyclists to have bells and use them.
  • Enforce no cycling on pavements (danger to pedestrians with mobility problems)
  • Joined up cycle lanes
  • Slow cycling so safer for cyclists.
  • Dropped kerb across grass between Ham Street at entrance to Cut Throat Alley.
  • Cut through cycle lane at Sandy Lane chicane
  • All changes/ renovations to streets should include improved cycle facilities.
  • Improve cycle routes to central London.
  • Cycle parking o/s Ashburnham Road shops
  • Cycling ‘facility’ around bend in Petersham Road
  • .

Bridge issues

  • Improve access to Twickenham amenities, become less disconnected
  • Vote for Radnor Bridge proposal
  • Ham is closed off, make it more accessible.
  • Cyclist bridge (but no road bridge)
  • New bridge would be an environmental disaster and is not needed.
  • Review use of bridge. Which part of Twickenham do we want to connect to?
  • Don’t have a new river bridge – the amount of traffic would wreck Ham
  • Yes to bridge to Twickenham x4
  • Bridge to Radnor Gardens not Marble Hill side of Twickenham – save Hammertons ferry.
  • Broadly support foot/cycle bridge across from Ham to Twickenham but smaller scale ideas for cycle improvements may use funding better.
  • Consider carefully the cost of a cycle bridge in relation to overall budget.

Traffic calming/ street scene issues

  • Traffic calming Ham Street (Sandy Lane to river car park). Ham Street one way to be considered. No to loop Ham Street/ Back Lane.
  • Traffic calming. Introduce ‘Neighbourhood Zones’ 20mph in all residential streets. 20’s plenty
  • Enforce proper parking i.e. not on pavements
  • Car clubs
  • Reduce dominance of car and increase provision for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Humps needed to control speeding traffic in Church Road (will get worse with Latchmere development)
  • Overgrown trees both sides of Ham Farm Road + footpath in terrible dangerous condtion.
  • Less street furniture to reduce accidents (e.g. Kensington High Street)
  • Double yellow lines on main road bus route between Ham Gate Avenue and Ham Parade (recent bad accident).
  • Introduce shared space where ‘roads’ are shared equally with pedestrians, cyclists and cars.
  • Separate pedestrians and cyclists
  • Include cyclist when designing all roads and junctions
  • Are we getting close to the limit for parking capacity on some roads?
  • Traffic calming especially on Sandy Lane

Tow path issues

  • Improve surface of tow path Ham to Richmond near Petersham Meadows. No separate cycle lane.
  • Segregate cycle and pedestrian tracks on riverside path x2
  • Keep cycling away from tow path – flooding makes it impossible.
  • Cycle route to Richmond avoiding Petersham Road
  • Don’t spoil natural beauty of tow path and river with a bridge and cycle lane.

River issues

  • River Taxi to Richmond (and London) x2
  • Oyster card use on river ferry.
  • Board boats at Teddingon Lock x2
  • Boat service Ham-Richmond-Kew Gardens x2
  • Improved lighting to Teddington Lock at night time.

Bus issues

  • 371 buses too fast on Sandy Lane
  • Improved access to Kingston hospital (re-route 371) x2
  • Extend 371 to nearer Tesco
  • Extend Countdown system to busy request stops (e.g. Broughton Avenue)
  • Working and reliable Countdown on all bus stops x3
  • Reposition bus stops in Broughton Avenue opposite each other.
  • More frequent  371 service + double decker’s at peak times
  • 65 and 371 too full during peak hours.
  • K5 most useless bus – should come to Ham / St Richards / Library x3

3. Energy and Water


  • Build on success of Low Carbon Zone
  • LCZ2 x2
  • Education on energy
  • Thermal imaging (every home + interpretation of usage)
  • Loft clearance scheme
  • Street lights – too much light/ less light pollution
  • Energy metering project Grey Court
  • Energy advice centre/ website x2
  • Minimise restrictive rules for solar panels
  • Speed bumps to power streetlights
  • Community tariff
  • Bulk purchase of energy
  • Solar feasibility study (Ham Solar model – collective tender)
  • Council benefits from community renewable projects (e.g. cheaper street lighting)
  • Community energy feasibility study


  • Wetlands flood relief / wetlands habitat – look into flood defences
  • Thames Landscape Strategy
  • Rainwater collection
  • Every household gets a subsidised water butt x2
  • Education about water consumption
  • Encourage metering (awareness of savings)
  • Recycling grey water
  • Reduce long showers


4. Street Scene and Heritage

  • Investigate rubbish law and enforce RPH’s to clear rubbish from their land
  • Open street map
  • Recycling area in car park next to Ashburnham Road shops is always a mess x3
  • Eye sores – back of shops
  • Community clearance of RHP alleys (Stretton Road) x2
  • Keep clear alleyways behind pillar box on Back Lane
  • Preserve the areas special character
  • Too urban – losing the semi-rural
  • Minimise obtrusive signage
  • Too many yellow lines and signs
  • Greater ownership of our environment e.g. litter
  • Uneven paving
  • Wiggins Lane to Craig Road alley unsafe pavement
  • Benches + seats everywhere
  • No building on Ham Close Green
  • Need for regulations on motorised chariots x2
  • Need a WC at Ham Street car park funded by CIL
  • More cycle hoops on Ham Parade
  • Local Heritage (Blue) plaques for local historic buildings
  • Bad detailing can have great impact (wall by Ham House stables)
  • Empty shops – measures to avoid looking derelict
  • Back road to Ham Parade a priority
  • Identify tiny areas for gardens and improvements (e.g. HAG gate House Garden)
  • Ham Parade – beautify hanging baskets/planters – joint initiative
  • Gate House at Ham Parade- remove signs and rubbish in front
  • Notice boards around the area to make a bigger impact
  • Maintenance of Ashburnham shops
  • Individual responsibility for frontage (freeholders and landlords) – keep clear of rubbish (mattresses/ furniture) x2

5. Shopping and Employment

  • Ham Credit Union to avoid people using payday loans and invest in new businesses
  • Wider range of shops particularly shops which repair
  • Personal services provision e.g. shopping + post office
  • Farmers market
  • Hairdresser
  • Need a post office x3
  • Promotions to encourage more trade
  • Business Forum for all local shopping parades
  • Sell locally produced food in shops e.g. allotments
  • Peoples supermarket
  • Barclays bank at risk of closure – only cash machine
  • Pop up shops where vacant shops
  • Maker space, shared shed in Ham Close
  • Self-employment
  • Events in parades – bring them together with greater voice
  • Shop for local artists to sell pictures
  • Recycling shop
  • More ‘activity shops’ – like Wendy’s
  • Ham House café to have access to Ham resident’s (all year or just off season?)

6. Food

  • ‘Adopt a garden’ scheme
  • More allotments
  • Community orchards
  • Make advice and coaching on gardening available
  • Swap scheme for locals – abundance scheme
  • Own produce donation ‘Ham Classifieds’ type site
  • Gorilla gardening
  • Harvest natural foods – blackberry’s
  • Providing good seeds for planting you own food
  • Having volunteers to advise on garden maintenance
  • Children’s café with healthy food.
  • Breakfast clubs for kids
  • Free school lunches
  • Involve children in cooking process, cooking demonstrations (tasting and recipes)  from different nationalities
  • Get younger people involved in growing your own
  • Schools should be involved in encouraging students to grow
  • Mini farmers market
  • Food and cancer – how to eat healthy
  • Helping old people – shopping service and food preparation

7. Education and youth

  • Swop skills with youngsters and younger people teach older people – passing it to the next generation.
  • New models of learning and listening to young people
  • Art centre for young people
  • Fun days to energise everyone
  • Build on hubs that exist
  • How to make what is going on more well known
  • Can local talent be used to improve offers to children inside + outside school (Glass workshops, weaving, needlework etc).
  • Investment in existing projects
  • Grey Court swimming pool – can we help?
  • Maker spaces – hands on
  • New technology – Facebook, web site
  • ‘older younger people’ are good at getting others views
  • Links with Richmond Parliament – youth forum already exists
  • Shadow Forum for young people
  • Let the children organise what they want
  • Embed the ‘voice of the child’
  • Kids with additional different needs
  • Let local community be aware of school activities by advertising events they can attend.

8. Housing


  • Pressure for affordable housing
  • More land grabs for gardens
  • Awareness that H+P is unique low density area under pressure for development
  • Planning committees don’t consider local public opinion
  • Changes to the classification of land, selling off community land
  • No green areas to be built on
  • Open land register – who owns what?
  • Define areas by community designation – Article 4
  • Build more specialist housing
  • Ability to expand and modify properties
  • Lack of affordable small scale ‘studio’ type properties
  • Both ends of demographic scale less well served in area
  • Is there more pressure in H+P to meet Richmond target requirements?
  • Star + Garter could meet proportion of housing  development target
  • Pressure on Ham Lands for development
  • Try to be positive and identify places that could be developed for housing
  • Should Star + Garter be in area?
  • 3 empty local homes – why are they still empty?

Strathmore/ Russell

  • Concern over open areas being developed (Strathmore/ Russell schools)
  • School open space should not be lost for housing
  • Share information for all on Richmond’s proposals
  • More housing brings more road (traffic/ parking) use

Ham Close

  • Wimpy ‘no fines’ construction – being considered for redevelopment
  • Pressure on green spaces (Ham Village Green) for affordable housing  x2
  • Acceptable to develop on Ham green but maintain comparable area in single space
  • Ham Close development
  • Amount of building will have an effect on community feel
  • Ham is a village not an urban ‘outspill’
  • Green Flag status applied for Village Green
  • Lessons from Roehampton low rise
  • Potentially could be rebuilt and youth club relocated
  • Request for information on Ham Close

9. Recycling and Waste

  • Regular litter picking + dog waste x2
  • More localised (small scale) recycling stations
  • Reinstate green waste area that used to be in Perryfield Way
  • Communal skip for building (timber) and garden waste (top soil)
  • Green waste bags too expensive
  • Better recycling coordination and collection
  • Less refuse collection if it saves money
  • School to recycle paper
  • Check wheelie bin costs and publicity
  • Coordinate waste collection from flats
  • Community composting
  • Reintroduce car boot sales
  • Create a relationship between litter and recycling
  • Collecting waste food from flats
  • Penalties for keeping mattresses in front garden
  • Local Freecycle style site for unwanted items + option for non-computer users)
  • Reintroduce money back on bottles/ cans
  • Plastic bag free zone –  window stickers for shops
  • Local shops to encourage reuse of customers own bags/ containers
  • Community organic garden waste Leland House and other flats
  • Reuse/ recycle redundant furniture – local project
  • Recycle water – encourage metering
  • Anaerobic digester for local people – cooking oil

10. Major projects

  • Pedestrian bridge to Twickenham
  • What is happening to Ham Close? + no building on Ham Green X3
  • Ham Close desperately needs redeveloping
  • Royal Oak – community coffee shop run as mini enterprise by school
  • Road bridge where the Lock is
  • No road bridge under any circumstances
  • Designs (technical drawings) of major projects – open source
  • Improve pavements especially in Lock Road
  • No major projects requires – no not change character of area x2
  • Swimming pool based at Grey Court
  • Can we have adult badminton at Grey Court school?
  • A community centre where old and young at last pass each other and shar facilities
  • Peak time boat service to Richmond/ Kingston + river bus crossing river
  • Better link to Teddington Station – shuttle bus
  • Community centre, swimming pool, redevelop youth centre x2
  •  No buildings on Ham Village Green x3

11. Development Sites

  • Key site of concern was Ham Close
  • No land grab
  • Petersham needs a shop (could be future of Fox and Duck?)
  • Resistance to architectural fake design and kitsch
  • Atmosphere of area would alter if density is increased
  • Need good development for unattractive areas in H+P
  • Want to know who owns land
  • Seem to be comfortable with mediocrity we know rather than quality we don’t know
  • Have a “fear of the future”
  • Quiet voices are never heard when developers are in the room
  • Are ‘shop’ rents too high for new units near St Richards?

12. Health

  • Only 1 GP surgery – long queues, poor access to doctors
  • 2 NHS dentists
  • Good pharmacies
  • Minor injuries clinic needed
  • Kingston hospital near
  • More active health preventative services
  • Better use of Ham Clinic – GP surgery there again
  • Reducing health inequalities
  • Community health and development workers combating obesity, lifestyle challenges – catalysts for improvement
  • Public health campaigns for
  • ‘Ham is One Community’ is our aim

13. Community Safety

  • Alleyways – visibility  use mirrors
  • Lighting in dark areas – bat friendly
  • Parking at schools – Russell + Meadlands school run one way only loop zig-zags
  • Cyclists speeding on pavements and paths
  • Ham Parade Traders – CCTV tie in – rules / regs. Not high crime. Double parking
  • Children’s Centre – social media use alerts Facebook + Twitter
  • Ham Lands access needs to be friendlier – lighting, cycling
  • Speeding – Petersham Road, Riverside Drive, Ham Street, Ham Close

10 September meeting minutes

Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum

Public Meeting 10 September 2013 Grey Court School



Welcome – Maggie Bailey, Head Teacher Grey Court School, welcomed over 100 local people from Ham & Petersham attending the Neighbourhood Forum meeting. Mrs Bailey explained that she sees the school as lying at the heart of the local community, and gave the good news that this year Grey Court School had achieved their highest ever GCSE results with over 99% of students achieving 5 or more A-C’s – the highest of any state school in Richmond.

Format for the evening – Mrs Bailey explained that the evening was designed to do two things. Firstly, to enable those attending to share their vision for Ham and Petersham by joining a rotation of 3 short discussion groups, drawn from 13 topics of local interest. These ideas were put forward either during the discussions, or by attaching post-it notes to the facilitators’ feedback sheets. Facilitators would then collect all points raised, give a short plenary presentation of main items raised, and all contributions will be produced in a report of proceedings that will be circulated and appear on the Forum web-site. This document will then assist the ‘drafting group’ to prepare the first version of the Neighbourhood Plan. The second function of the evening would be to discuss and confirm the Constitution and elect the Forum Committee members.

Update on progress with the Forum application – Andrew Beedham

  • The application was validated by the Council in April, and approval of the Area has been recommended. This is likely to go to the Cabinet meeting on 17 October.
  • Ham and Petersham is one of 750 communities engaged in Neighbourhood Planning, and the number is going up by 100 a month. 400 Plans have already been designated.
  • Neighbourhood Forums and Planning is a central government initiative to give more power over development to local communities. Our plan must be consistent with national and Richmond’s planning policy but we can also include our own local improvements. The Forum will improve co-ordination of local activities by linking our active voluntary / community sector with the paid service providers working in Ham and Petersham.
  • An application for £7000 has been drafted to apply for government funding to support the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan. This will be submitted after the agreement of the constitution and Committee, and approval of the Area from Richmond council.
  • The whole process, including a decision by an independent planning inspector, is likely to take 18-24 months and adoption of the Plan is decided in a local referendum.

 Brainstorming ideas

The 13 facilitators each gave a 1 minute taster of the topic they would be covering,

  1. Open Space & Biodiversity
  2. Travel & Transport
  3. Energy & Water
  4. Street Scene & Heritage
  5. Shopping & Employment
  6. Food
  7. Education & Youth
  8. Housing
  9. Recycling & Waste
  10. Major Projects
  11. Development Sites
  12. Health
  13. Community Safety

Everyone then spent 15 minutes at each of their 3 chosen topic tables, brainstorming ideas.

 Feedback from the Topic group facilitators

The 13 facilitators then gave a short summary of the top issues that were discussed by all 3 of their visiting groups of people.

Constitution and election of Forum Committee  

Andrew Beedham explained that the Constitution, which had been accepted as a draft at the first meeting, had been available for consultation on the website and in the library since the meeting and had not been revised. With regard to the membership of the Committee, it was noted that although the proposed structure had originally included 3 places for local representatives, since four people had put themselves forward to stand (including one ‘job share’), all should be brought onto the Committee.

The following concerns were raised regarding the proposed membership of the Committee:

  • Ham Amenities Group had not been included in its own right – and its membership was to be represented by members of Ham United Group and the Ham and Petersham Association.
  • Was it appropriate that the LA Councillor on the Committee had voting rights? – as this might lead to conflict of interest between the Committee and the Council.
  • Was it correct to include the Star & Garter Home within the Ham & Petersham Neighbourhood Area?

These points were noted and the Chair put the Constitution and the proposed membership of the Committee to the vote. Both were passed with no votes against and only one abstention recorded.

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 10th December 2013

The meeting closed at 8.50pm and Mrs Bailey thanked all those present for their participation.

Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum web site:

10 September Meeting Agenda

Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum

Public Meeting 10 September 2013

Grey Court School

  Start 7.00pm Finish 9.00pm


  1. Welcome and Introductions – Maggie Bailey Head Teacher Grey Court School (5 minutes)
  2. Brief update on progress on Neighbourhood Forum application,  timetable and funding – Andrew Beedham (5 minutes)
  3. Explanation of visioning topics by facilitators (1 minute each – 10 minutes)
  4. Three  x 15 minutes  topic group sessions + 5 minute swap overs (60 minutes)
  5. Summary feedback from each facilitator (1 minute each – 10 minutes)
  6. Explanation of Constitution and composition of Forum Committee – Maggie Bailey (5 minutes)
  7. Questions and comments from Forum (15 minutes)
  8. Discuss and confirm constitution and committee (10 minutes)
  9. Close of meeting, date of next Forum (tbc) and opportunity to make more suggestions on topic boards

Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum web site

Richmond Council web site for Neighbourhood Forum application consultation

Forum Committee

Membership of Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum Committee – After AGM 20th November 2014

Forum Chair:

 Voluntary & Community

  • 1 Amenity Groups: Anne Powell (Ham and Petersham Association)
  • 1 Faith Groups: Brian Willman (St Peter’s Church) & Penny Frost (St Richard’s Church) shared post
  • 3 ‘area’ reps from local residents: Andy Rogers, Justine Glynn, and Geoff Bond
  • 1 Sports organisations: Joe Noble (Kew & Ham Sports Association)
  • 2 Community Groups: Sam Payne (Ham & Petersham SOS), Sir David Williams

8 representatives

Service Providers & Businesses

  • 1 Education: Sam Leir (Head Teacher, Russell School)
  • 1 Housing: Ros Elliott (Richmond Housing Partnership, Area Manager)
  • 1 Health: Dipak Nandha (kanset Pharmacy)
  • 1 Police: Sgt. Paul Dowsett (Safer Neighbourhood Team sergeant)
  • 1 Youth: Ben Skelton (Area Youth work Lead)
  • 1 Social services: Helen McNally (Acting Children’s Centre Managers)
  • 2 business reps – Naomi Campbell (Property Manager Ham House), Stan Shaw (Ham Parade Traders)
  • 1 Library: Kim Hacker (Libraries Area Manager)
  • 1 Ward Councillor: Jean Loveland

10 representatives

Area Rep submissions

Andy Rogers

I am keen to stand as an area representative on the Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum Committee.

I understand that David Williams has proposed me and I believe Andrew Beedham is a seconder.

I have lived in Petersham since 1982, when I moved here with my three children who all went to Greycourt School.

I am an architect-planner, now semi-retired and working from home as a consultant.  I deal mostly with general planning matters (applications and appeals) and have a very wide experience of planning policy issues, both local and national, the Richmond planning system, permitted development rights, etc.

I have been interested in Localism and the Neighbourhood Forum idea from the early days and have assisted with some of the preliminary set-up procedures.  My aim would be to help the Forum keep to the proper tenets and principles of this innovative legislation, in particular as it relates to local planning issues.  

Approx.120 words

Justine Glynn

What I can bring to the committee:-

  • I am one of a small group involved in setting up the Neighbourhood Forum, as this is an idea I strongly support and I enjoy working with the others in the team.
  • I have plenty of experience working with planners and councils in my professional life.
  • I am an enthusiastic supporter of community activities and have been a Street Champion since 2010.
  • I know the area well, having lived in North Kingston for over 20 years and in Ham for 7 years.
  • I have a good understanding of youth issues, as I have 2 teenage boys age 17 and 18. Both have recently achieved great GCSE Grades at Grey Court School in 2012 and 2011.

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Proposer Andy Dawson at 11 Lake Gardens, Ham, Richmond. TW10 7SJ

Seconder Jean Loveland at 45 Cavendish House, Ham Close, Ham, Richmond


Geoff Bond

I strongly believe in the special character of Ham and Petersham. Together I believe we can do more to help the area continue to be a special place to live.

I live in Martingales Close with my family.  I am actively involved with Ham & Petersham Cricket Club. This year I received an “OSCA” Award from Surrey County Cricket for services to cricket in the community for setting up our first junior section, helping raise the funds for the new clubhouse and raising £20k for charity. I am chairman of Martingales Close Resident’s Association.

I want to bring these skills to help the wider community through the neighbourhood forum to help preserve and improve the area.

Proposer: David Yates, 20 Martingales Close

Seconder: Steve Tebb, 30 Bishops Close

Jude Holmes & Cornelia Costeanu

Joint Application from Jude Holmes and Cornelia Costeanu – we would job-share the position if successful

We’re Ham residents who share a passion for Ham’s village atmosphere, its environment and its people. We’d like to help Ham residents connect more, in a new village hall for example, or at a swimming pool. Jude would like to create a forum that allows Ham residents to barter their skills, volunteer services and give away unwanted items. For example, a speaker of other languages might offer language lessons in return for website design help.

We support initiatives for renewable energy and the improvement of local areas with good planting to provide the community with consumable produce. We would set up a voluntary gardening team to give abandoned gardens a tidy-up.

Proposer: Chas Warlow, 2 Russell Gardens, TW10 7QE

Seconder: Ruth Durant MA SOAS, QTS, EAL Education & Inclusion Adviser, RICHMOND EAL FRIENDSHIP GROUP CENTRE (address to be supplied)

email notification of our next meeting

Dear Forum Member,

Following on from the very successful public event held on 11 June, we would like to invite you to the second Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum public meeting. This will again be at Grey Court School (Sandy Lane entrance), starting at 7pm, on Tuesday 10 September. Please see our website for more information:

The majority of this meeting will be in a workshop format, with plenty of opportunities for you to come up with ideas on issues that interest you, such as the local environment, roads and traffic, local transport, nature conservation, energy and much more. We plan to have a table per topic with the opportunity for everyone to have input into three areas that interest them.

We are also anticipating electing the forum committee at this second meeting, and are looking for three people to be area representatives for the neighbourhood forum committee. If you would like to stand for election as an area representative, please email no later than 6 September with the names and addresses of a proposer, a seconder, and about 100 words on what you can bring to the committee. We expect committee meetings will be held once a month for the first six months, becoming less frequent after that.

We hope to see you at the next meeting. Could we ask you to pass this information on to your friends and neighbours, to let them know about the meeting and the opportunity to stand as a representative?

Many thanks,

The set-up group for the Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood


This is a BIG project and we need your help to get the Forum up and running.

Can you….

  • put up posters?
  • Write a press release?
  • Send out group emails?
  • act as a secretary?
  • deliver leaflets or organise a team to deliver them?

If you can help with any of these then we’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email to with your details and specify what you’d like to help with.  Thank you!

10 September – Public Meeting

There will be a second public meeting on Tuesday 10 September to which everyone is invited.

At this meeting we want everyone to get involved and decide what they want for Ham & Petersham. We plan to explore exciting new ideas for our area, looking at transport, energy, youth, biodiversity, employment and other issues. Some of the proposals could be, for example: a new community centre, a community orchard, a new local health clinic with GPs, radiography and ultrasound and a local Freecycle group for Ham and Petersham.

We will review, discuss and agree the forum committee. Go to the ‘Committee’ tab at the top of this page for more information.

We will also look at the constitution and take on board any comments and suggestions you have.