Ham Close

Ham Close was built in the 1960s to replace the prefabricated houses on Ham Green. The Prefabs, as they were affectionally known, were originally erected to house the bombed-out people of London during and after the war.

Why the redevelopment?

Ham Close resident: “We need damp and mould free homes to protect everyone from illness like asthma. We need more modern facilities like lifts. We need more environmentally friendly homes. We need and deserve better, healthier living accommodation with safe areas for our children to play and enjoy being young and growing up in this wonderful area. We need this estate to be an estate for the future of all.”

Who is doing the redevelopment?

Richmond Housing Partnership has appointed teams of architects and landscape designers to carry out the work.  In order to pay for adequate new dwellings to be built, the number of units will increase from 192 to 452 apartments and houses.

The Forum’s role

We will ensure that the redevelopment is in line with the Neighbourhood Plan agreed by local referendum in 2018.

Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Plan:

 Housing schemes should incorporate the following principles:

1. High quality architectural design which is well related to its context;

2. Building heights generally between 1 and 3 stories, and 4 stories in appropriate locations. Developments over 4 stories will be considered acceptable if the proposal demonstrates positive benefits in terms of the townscape and local aesthetic quality and relate well to their local context;

3. A clear delineation between public and private spaces;

4. Developments should include an integrated landscaping and planting strategy which enriches the biodiversity of the Area, and includes dedicated private planting areas for each unit as well as communal planting areas across the scheme which relate well to the wider area;

We are also concerned that local infrastructure (transport, schools, medical services etc) is adequate to meet the increased population and that there is equivalent replacement of existing community facilities.

Get involved

To see the proposals and take part in the consultation, go to www.hamcloseconsultation.co.uk. If you have questions, you can call 020 3929 0523 or email [email protected].

Forum meeting

The Forum is hosting a virtual public consultation meeting focusing on the Ham Close redevelopment at 7.30pm on Tuesday 19th October.  RHP representatives and those involved in the work will be attending.  Email the Forum if you are interested [email protected] or look up our website or Facebook page nearer the date.